What happens to a car at the scrapyard
What happens to a car at the scrapyard?
April 15, 2021
Scrap your car Mississauga
Scrap your car Mississauga
April 27, 2021
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Get Money For Scrap Car

Get Money For Scrap Car

Get Money For Scrap Car


Your old banger has finally given up the ghost. It’s time for a trip to that great car park in the sky – the scrapyard. But how are you supposed to scrap your car? The process is simple, but there are a few guidelines you need to follow first.

How do I scrap my car for cash?

Scrapping your car is relatively easy. In the past, you often had to pay to get the car out of your hands.

But the guidelines put in place to avoid abandoned cars mean shooting your old banger should be free. And due to rising scrap metal values, you should be able to get some money for your car.

This must take place at a demolition site or authorized treatment plant (ATF) authorized by the Environment Agency. It is illegal to take your car elsewhere, so make sure they are licensed.

Remember, you need to tell the DVLA if you scrapped your car. If not, you could be fined £ 1,000.

This process is also beneficial to the environment, as parts are often recycled later.

What paperwork will I need to scrap my car?

It is essential to have the right documents before scrapping the machine. You will need:


The Vehicle Register (V5C): You cannot scrap your car without this as it proves that the car belongs to you and stops any unauthorized sale. Make sure you keep the yellow receipt (V5C / 3) and receive a receipt from the ATF.


A certificate of destruction (CoD) should then be sent or emailed within one week. This is a DVLA certificate showing that you have had your car recycled and relieves you of any future liability in this regard.


How much will I get by selling my car for scrapping?

Besides the scrap value, there are a couple of more options when it comes to getting cash for your car when it ditched the ghost.


Sale of car parts

Some drivers prefer to sell the most valuable auto parts individually and then negotiate a price with the scrap yard for the rest. This could make you more money overall.


However, you should only try this if you know your way around an engine, as you are unlikely to get a better price than scrapping the entire vehicle.

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